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At FirstBank, protecting our customers, their accounts, and their personal information is one of our main priorities. For this reason, we provide different security options when logging into Online Banking and Mobile Banking, or when accessing certain services online.

Quick Login(Multifactor Authentication)

Log in to Online Banking using the Mobile Banking app without entering your password. Quick Login provides a seamless, and secure way of logging into FirstBank's Online Banking. Once activated, Quick Login allows you to access Online Banking by approving the login attempt on your mobile device.

Why Use Quick Login?

Quick Login provides multifactor authentication. Quick Login requires the FirstBank Mobile Banking App and must be used on a registered device ("something you have"). The login approval process also leverages biometrics on your phone ("something you are").

Even if someone had access to your FirstBank User ID, they would not be able to access Quick Login without physical access to your phone.

How Does It Work?

Quick Login must be enabled for each device on which you intend to use the service. To enroll, log into Online Banking and find "Quick Login" under "Settings."

Once on the Quick Login reference page click "Enroll."* Tap the push notification on your mobile device, accept the confirmation, and use your fingerprint or face to verify.

*Based on your settings, you may be prompted to take additional steps such as downloading the FirstBank Mobile Banking App before enrolling.

Quick Login is easy to use!

Biometric Authentication

The FirstBank Mobile Banking App supports biometric login options. Facial or fingerprint recognition is a security layer that helps keep your accounts secure. Biometrics are also a quicker and easier way to access your accounts compared to traditional login methods that rely on a user name and password.

How Do I Enable Biometrics?

Your phone must support biometrics. When logging into the FirstBank Mobile Banking App for the first time, you will be prompted to enroll in biometric login. Click "Continue", read the Terms and Conditions and then click "Enroll."

If you don't enroll in biometrics when first logging into the FirstBank Mobile Banking App, this feature can be enabled at any time by accessing the app's menu, clicking on "Settings", then selecting the biometric option that your phone supports.

Why Should I Use Biometrics?

Your fingerprint and face are nearly impossible to replicate, so accessing your account requires you to be physically present. Additionally, your biometric data never leaves your phone, so even FirstBank is unable to access this information.

Coupled with your device ("something you have"), biometrics ("something you are") provide a multifactor authentication option. Also, biometrics are simple to use and create a better user experience.

Account Security

Occasionally, when accessing FirstBank's Online Banking and the Mobile App, you may be prompted with additional security measures to ensure your identity and protect your data. These additional measures may be required, for example, when enrolling in new services or if a login attempt is identified as higher risk. These additional measures may be presented to you as security questions and/or one-time passcodes ("OTP").

What Should I Know?

These security measures are in place to protect your financial data and prevent unauthorized activity on your account. Hackers will try many different tactics to access your data, but having these measures in place helps to prevent them from logging in as you. It's important that you never share security questions answers or OTPs with anyone.

Password Updating/Security Measures

While we recommend you consider multifactor login options, we know that many users still prefer the use of passwords to access their accounts online. If you are in this group, here are some points to consider:

  • Keep in mind that FirstBank or its employees will NEVER ask you for your Online Banking and Mobile Banking password. Fraudsters are increasingly using impersonation tactics to steal customer passwords, so it's important to remember this point.
  • When updating your password, you may be presented with a security question prior to logging in. This is a common security practice and is there to help validate your identity. Never share answers to your security questions with anyone.
  • Don't use the same password for different sites and never share your password with anyone.

FirstBank also supports login options that do not require passwords, including Quick Login and biometrics.