FirstBank Business Credit Cards

Manage your business expenses with a FirstBank business credit card. Ideal for keeping employees on your good side with donuts and the nice pens.

Apply for a FirstBank Business Credit Card at any FirstBank location.

With FirstBank, you'll get:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Alerts
  • 24/7 Live Call Center


Using the FirstBank Business Credit Card instead of a personal check or your personal credit card makes it easy to organize your expenses. You can determine if it is a business expense at the time of purchase, not at the end of the month when you reconcile your bank statements. It may even make tax return preparation easier.

We offer management reports which provide a complete, easy to understand analysis of business expenses. Reports include cardholder detail reports, cardholder summary reports, company summary reports and more. Examples of management reports are available upon request.

Choose the best business credit card option for you.

Business Credit Card

FirstCash Reward Program

Make money by spending money with 1% cash back on all purchases made to your FirstBank Rewards Visa with FirstCash. Watch your cash back reward grow with no limit on the amount you can earn! Designate an account for your rewards to be deposited (back to your credit card or deposited into your FirstBank checking or savings account) and choose when you want to redeem (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.). No annual fees and automatic enrollment. Certain restrictions apply.

To redeem your rewards, please contact us at 303-237-5000 or 1-800-964-3444.

Business Credit Card

FirstBank Launch Card

Use your FirstBank Launch Credit Card to help build your credit.


Annual Percentage Rate:

For Purchases: 15.15%. For Cash Advances: 18.15%.

Variable Rate Information:

The PURCHASE ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (A.P.R.) is a variable rate equal to 11.9% plus an index which may vary quarterly. The CASH ADVANCE ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is a variable rate equal to 14.9% plus an index which may vary quarterly. The index is the highest "Prime Rate" as published in the Money Rates table of the Wall Street Journal as of the first business day of March, June, September, and December. These index changes will take effect for purposes of calculating your finance charge on the first day of each billing period which ends in a month following a change in the index (billing periods ending in April, July, October, and January).

Grace Period for Repayment of Balance for Purchases:

25 days if you pay your balance in full by the due date.

Method of Computing the Balances for Purchases:

Average Daily Balance (including new purchases).

Cash Advances:

No grace period. A periodic finance charge is imposed from the day you take the cash advance until it is repaid.

Monthly Fees:


Annual Fee:


FirstBank Launch Fee:


Minimum Finance Charge:


Transaction Fee for Cash Advances:

4% or minimum of $10, no maximum.

Other Fees:

Late Payment Fee: up to $25.00.

International Transactions: 2% of the U.S. dollar amount of the transaction, whether originally made in U.S. dollars or converted from a foreign currency.

This information is accurate as of November 30, 2015. Please contact us to obtain current information.

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is a free service that can protect your FirstBank Visa credit card from unauthorized use during online purchases at participating merchants.

Registering for the service is quick, easy and FREE! No special software is required. You can register before you make your online purchase or during your purchase directly from the merchant's website, whichever is more convenient.

How Verified by Visa Works

  • Register for Verified by Visa.
  • Use your FirstBank Visa credit card at participating online merchants.
  • You will be asked to enter your secret Verified by Visa password.
  • After your password is submitted, your online transaction will be processed as normal.
Register Now

If you already have a Verified by Visa password and would like to update your information, please select the link below.

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Online Business Credit Card Management

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