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How do I apply for a mortgage?

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What information do I need to complete a mortgage application?

  • Name, current address, and tax ID number for each borrower
  • Previous addresses for borrowers who have been at their current address for less than two years
  • Names and addresses of all employers within the past two years for each borrower
  • Borrower(s) gross monthly income (including bonuses, dividend, and interest income)
  • Information about the property you are buying or refinancing
  • Information about your assets and liabilities

What happens after I submit my application?

Once you have submitted your application we will review it and send you the appropriate disclosures for your type of mortgage and an estimate of the costs associated with your mortgage.

Is there any additional information required?

As part of the underwriting of your mortgage, we will obtain a current credit history report of each borrower, and order an appraisal of the property. We would also need to obtain a variety of other documents related to the property (i.e. title insurance).

What happens after I submit all the required documentation?

Once all requested documents are received the final underwriting of your mortgage request will take place. A loan officer will review your appraisal, title commitment, and any additional financial information that has been obtained.

What about my mortgage rate?

There are a variety of options to locking your rate and this can be done anytime during the application process. You will have the opportunity to discuss each option with one of our loan officers. Locking your interest rate ensures that it will not increase before you close your mortgage.

How do I close my mortgage?

On the day your mortgage is scheduled to close your loan officer will present you with the mortgage documentation you will be required to sign. The loan officer will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your mortgage and the related documents.

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