ESG at FirstBank

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a key part of "banking for good."

ESG means putting people first. It means working to improve the lives of our customers, communities, and employees through planet-conscience measures and increased access to impactful financial resources. It means helping elevate historically underserved communities and meeting the highest ethical and regulatory standards.


  • In partnership with One Tree Planted, FirstBank is planting 100,000 trees throughout Colorado, Arizona, and California to improve air quality, filter and conserve water, and support wildlife and biodiversity.
  • By introducing Recovered Ocean Bound Plastic (ROBP) Visa Cards, we are helping keep plastic waste out of our waterways.
  • We continue to invest in partnerships and technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and waste.


  • FirstBank's Board of Directors, compliance team, and oversight committees ensure we're putting the best interests of our stakeholders first while adhering to responsible lending, workplace, and compensation policies.
  • We conduct regular customer experience and employee engagement surveys to ensure we maintain high satisfaction standards among our customers and employees.
  • Our company's mission and vision are a critical foundation for the ethical standards that underlie our management.