Lockbox Services

Let FirstBank be your employee. FirstBank Lockbox Services allow your customers to send payments to a post office box where we will process those payments based on your specifications.

Contact a Treasury Management representative at 855-426-1500 or visit a FirstBank location near you to get started.

Instant Access to Images via the Internet

Within two hours of the processing cut-off time, the images are available online and can be viewed, printed or saved to your PC.

Cost Reduction

Lockbox will lower the costs associated with photocopying, filing, storage and having your employee process payments.

Rapid and Efficient Research

Online access means images are easily searchable. Errors, exceptions and inquiries from customers can be addressed much quicker and your accounts-receivable system can be updated the same day checks are processed.

Electronic Clearing

Checks are converted to electronic items, which reduces fraud, streamlines the transaction process and improves return-item collection.

Top-Tier Security

Our website is compliant with the Federal Financial Institutions Examintaion Council's Multi-Factor Authentication requirements.

Detailed Reporting

All image data can be exported in Excel or CSV format or printed.

User Access

We can add employees of your choosing to the online portal.

Daily Export Totals

Enables you to view a summary of your daily deposit total and export the information in Excel or CSV format.