Earnings Credit and Activity Charges

Activity Charges

The activity charges on Business Analyzed Checking can be offset by an earnings credit. After activity charges are calculated for the month, an earnings credit will be subtracted based upon the average collected balance you have maintained in the account. To get the earnings credit, we multiply your average investable balance for the statement cycle period by the earnings credit rate. Your average investable balance is your averaged collected balance less the 10% reserve requirement. Information about the earnings credit rate can be found on a FirstBank business rate sheet. Your monthly statement will detail the activity charges and calculations of your earnings credit.

To simplify your bookkeeping, all activity charges for the services listed below will be assessed when your statement cycles instead of posting at different times during the month. Not all activity charges apply to all accounts.

  • Per debit item
  • Per credit item
  • Per deposited item
  • Per chargeback
  • Stop Payment
  • Incoming wire transfer
  • Internet Cash Management
  • Online Banking
  • Desktop Teller
  • Bill Payment
  • FirstBank ATM deposits
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination
  • Item return with Statement
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Excess cash deposited
  • Visa Business Debit Card
  • Post-dated check
  • Outgoing wire transfer
  • Foreign deposited item
  • Non-FirstBank ATM withdrawals
  • Check / Item Images with Statement
  • Financial management software download service

These are not applicable for business savings accounts and are waived for Business Checking Accounts if monthly transaction volume is 150 items or less.